Magic Kinkdom, for sale, sold (fwd)

Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 01:00:04 PST

I'm still working on this. Nothing secret, except the people involved,
just a nice place to live. Please, if any of you want feel perfectly
FREE to rip through any hole you see in the following, and/or express any
interest in same (: (arent i cute talkin law code? fuck c++ (: )
I'm damned serious about this and so are lots of others. And I just found
out I have 4 more months to live! (finacially speaking) I imagine that
it will happen like
1.set up account
2. bam
3. buy it

The it is what is the big variable here. We just need to buy land,
(islandproperty), where is the best place for us to be? Anyhow, I'm
looking at you all as a group of gurus that can give me advice from all
angles (and some of you know of other things im mixed up in), and without
further ado, myself, earlier, rambling at myself:

Subject: Magic Kinkdom, for sale, sold

Anyone remember this book/author? Anyhow, I'd thought of it before, but
of course, I'm not a millionaire. However, there are islands out there
that are < 1Mil, and a few of us, admittedly those appalled by drug laws,
specifically against marijuana, have thought it about it and tossed it
about for about 7 years, and have decided, yes, we can cohabitate. Under
the rule of sillyhead, no less (me). We are exploring a lot of things,
and I thought I'd bounce a few of them off the list, as it is so diverse:

Government is our main concern. We do not wish to buy an island that
would be inside US rule. We have found a potential in France's rule.
Does anyone here know how concerned the French govt. would be with an
island of people who, frankly, have many talents, but like to smoke dope?
We are looking in other areas, but we see one piece there that is within
our means (w/i 5 yrs) and has necessaries, like airstrips and ports. (an
old castle is there, but I have decided that infrastructure, of any sort
or value, or aesthetics, is not priority at this time.)

I should buy a globe next weeek.

Finances. I was thinking for a moment that it might be best to bank in
the netherlands because of their drug laws, but was prompted that it
didn't really matter. It was suggested that we use Swiss banks. Or our
own, when it comes to that time.

We really want to run as our own govt. We feel we have good ideas about
how a group of people should interact, and feel that it is within our
rights to demand the trust of a government to allow us to do so
self-sufficiently. Does anyone know any legal wonderfuls who might know
anything about these types of things? We'd be like other small
peaceloving countries, eager to stay neutral, and desirous to remain free
from the hand of an outside rule. I suspect that that is too much to
ask, but I'm hoping that someone will prove me wrong.

Products: These will be the yummiest, most desired vacation experiences
encountered. (:

1. Family: $lotsofdough
        2 br, 2 hrs tennis per day, children and adults, crochet,
horseback riding, swimming, movies

2. Adult (other side of the island, or maybe another): $lotsmore
        1 br, 1 hr/day weight training, 5/week hrs sailing, horseback
riding, 5 hrs/week,

You get massages here like you get salads, they come with anything you

Our real goal is to just be able to do our thing, work, hang out with our
family and friends and conncect with ourselves, friends nature, etc, in
whatever way we wish, spiritually, through prayer, meditation, zoning,
flapping our arms, kneeling, swayin, spinning, you know, what the fuck
ever. But it's really not that damned expensive to communize it, is it?

We just have one request (translate request into law if you wish):
Don't harm someone else.

Since this can be interpretted so many different ways, it forces the
goveernment to look at things from more of a microscopic aspect. As the
possibilities grow outward, so does everything else, so to keep it simple,
the government will be the people themselves. 50% of the population
will have a title, and MUST vote on each and ever trial (anyone else can
register and vote, regardless of race, creed, religion, or any other
        HOW these 50% are determined: by lottery. rc5 or something.
So, basically, the odds are your gods (: pray as you will.
But we hope the 50% have sympathy and a willingness to help up, and
also the right to demand that our people be protected from violent
behavior. A paradox I dare any math geek to solve.

Our rights as spiritual peaple reach out only so far as they are wanted.
The absolute boundary is the threshold of one's home.

Ahem. Aanyhow, I am receptive and appreciative of any criticissm, so
please don't hesitate to decapitate me. LOL (:

"Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases, think for yourself." --Doris Lessing,
British writer

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