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>The it is what is the big variable here. We just need to buy land,
>(islandproperty), where is the best place for us to be? Anyhow, I'm

Rudder Cut Cay, Exuma
This 363-acre island, located in the heart of the beautiful Exuma Cays, offers 11 individual white sandy beaches, elevations of over 40 ft., and a 15-acre protective harbour that is ideal for the development of a marina. Improvements are comprised of 2.5 miles of surfaced roads, a 2,400 ft. surfaced airstrip, and a 3 bed, 3 bath main house, as well as staff housing which could also be used for construction workers should there be further development. Standby diesel generators, and 7,000 gallon/day water maker. This island has outstanding development potential. Priced at $12,500,000 U.S.
Damianos Realty
75 Shirley Street - P. O. Box N-732 - Nassau, Bahamas
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>Subject: Magic Kinkdom, for sale, sold
>Anyone remember this book/author? Anyhow, I'd thought of it before,

Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!
Terry Brooks

Ben Holiday buys a magic kingdom on the brink of ruin with few followers to help him turn it around

(I'm a huge fan of Brooks, and the Landover novels)

>But we hope the 50% have sympathy and a willingness to help up, and
>also the right to demand that our people be protected from violent
>behavior. A paradox I dare any math geek to solve.

Here's where I see it falling apart. Human nature being what it is, someone will eventually decide to dominate all you peaceful stoners, and without threat of violence, it should be fairly easy. I'm assuming there will be no second amendment on your island?

>Ahem. Aanyhow, I am receptive and appreciative of any criticissm, so
>please don't hesitate to decapitate me. LOL (:

No criticism here. I honestly don't believe it will work, but it sounds like a really nice dream, and if you make a go of it, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Jay (closet utopian dreamer)

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