Re: The Onion on Lava Lamps

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 10:56:37 PST

> Of course, if you're up against a big enemy, and they know the type of
> observation you're doing then they can do the equivalent of a brute force
> search (record all TV stations, measure all stars, etc.).

That's essentially the same as "generate all possible one-time pads of form X." If
you can make the problem that hard for "them," you've won. ;-)

BTW, my posting this was simply to document that it's been thought of, glad to hear
there's other evidence of similar --- not that there shouldn't be, it's entirely
obvious. It totally pisses me off when the patent office ignores the "nonobvious"
requirement for patents! Apparently the only way to prevent predatory patenting
these days is aggressive, proactive creation of prior art. The old FoRK "Stupid
Idea of the Day" threads may save the world after all. ;-)


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