Re: Does "Goodbye Netscape 4.x" mean "Goodbye Netscape"?

Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 12:09:26 PST

"B.K. DeLong" wrote:

> Well, I don't think "banning" is the correct word although we wish we could
> do that.

Do you know what people do with a site which doesn't render correctly
in 3 different browsers? *PLONK* in aeternitas, amen.

> The fact of the matter is that there are A LOT of people who still use 3.x
> and 4.x browsers. Those who can't "afford" to send them directly to the

I use 4.75, since 6.0 is a crawling abomination. I also use Opera 5.0b and
Konqueror. Even as beta, Opera roxx.

> upgrade page can create their own upgrade page integrated with their Web
> site and explain, in the context of their business and Web site, why it's
> important to make the upgrade. I'm thinking about proposing that for the

You forward me to an upgrade page, you lose me as a customer.

> new ZOT site since it's pretty much 100% XHTML 1.0 and CSS compliant...I
> had to use some JS sniffing to send NS users to an NS-only stylesheet and
> it still looks bad.

Nevermind how it looks, it has to 1) work 2) Work 3) WORK 4) now that it
works (in a pinch, without cookies and ECMAScript, of course), let's think
about the looks.
> Even simpler still, people can put a banner or button for the campaign on
> their Web site or even a text link that says "This site best viewed with a
> standards-compliant browser".

Um, which particular standard?

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