From: Grlygrl201@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 06:04:46 PST

<<The bombing in Iraq overshadows Bush's trip to Mexico. Everyone
agrees that Bush and Fox took their ties off and posed for a lot of
pictures. But they can't quite seem to agree what was newsworthy
about it. The NYT gives considerable play to a comment Bush made
that could suggest the U.S. will stop its annual reviews of
Mexico's drug policy. The Mexicans find the review demeaning. But
the WP and the LAT make scant mention of drugs, instead emphasizing
that Bush and Fox agreed to work together on immigration policy.
Fox has said he wants to improve conditions for the millions of
Mexicans who have crossed into the U.S. illegally.>>

from slate's today's papers.

the bombing also overshadows news that the civilians at the helm of the uss
greeneville were friends of george bush sr. who contributed hugely to his
campaign. my my, the "liberal" press strikes again. don't you just know if
the air strikes had occurred during clinton's watch they would have been

(the biggest news is, of course, the plan to eliminate the SAT in california.
 what are you people thinking?)


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