Re: [FoRK Classic] Steve Jobs' Wired Interview from February 1996.

From: Lane Becker (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 07:46:07 PST

> Little did Steve Jobs realize he was pioneering the Application Server
> market with Web Objects. Had NeXT stayed independent, it might have
> become BEA Systems...
> Current market cap of AAPL: $6.6 billion
> Current market cap of BEAS: $19.5 billion
> [Sigh.]

Hey, it brought the world this loverly Titanium G4 powerbook that I just
can't wait to buy, so I ain't complainin'. And somehow I suspect that
running the world's most successful app server company wouldn't have gotten
the man on the cover of Newsweek.


lane becker

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