From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 14:53:09 PST

Hey! Congrats on the Gillmor quote juxtaposed to the Sun plug!

Meanwhile, lots of companies you've never heard of are pushing hard to
make their presence felt, if not known yet, in the P-to-P arena. One
is called KnowNow (), based in Menlo Park, and this company could
be onto something big.

Normally, a browser sends a request for information, which is
delivered by the server. The connection ends.

KnowNow holds the connection open. Then it adds some other software
code and, voila, you have a mini-server inside the browser. You're
not necessarily clogging the data pipes, but you are pretending, in
effect, that you're downloading a long document, slowly, while the
browser keeps communicating with the server.

The application potential here seems almost limitless -- real-time,
two-way communications with sophistication. There are also some
security issues, such as the possibility of compromising corporate
firewalls. If this works as described, however, it sounds valuable.

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