Free zope hosting

From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 08:53:02 PST

Yea its in the UK and yea its not the speediest connection, but I think i
have found a free zope hosting site:)- One of the great things is Squish
dot is one of thier allowed objects.

Im going to shake it down over the next few days, if this works out it
means I can do zope sites again over the internet. At work I have a few
projects hosted, but not being able to do my own zope stuff on the
internet has really taken a bite out of the effectiveness of WSMFs many
projects. Egroups is great for many things, but nothing near what a site
running a few key zope objects can do (ie squishdot, zwiki, zsql, etc)

(if anyone has an internet based zope site and wnats to dontate some space
to wsmf, well as nelson mandella says "aint to proud to beg")

and the starts of a WSMF game site at

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