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Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 15:15:17 PST

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>>>>> On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, "Grlygrl201" == wrote:
   Grlygrl201> he hit the wall doing 190, was unconscious when removed from
   Grlygrl201> his monte carlo and i don't think he regained consciousness.
   Grlygrl201> massive chest injuries.
 That's easy to forget when you're watching TV... The "190" part, that
 is. To look at the accident, you'd think he just bumped into the wall.
 In reality, he hit it with the force of a head-on collision at 90+. Makes
 you wonder why more folks don't get seriously injured in car racing...
 Extreme speeds, cars packed in tight. It's serious business.
 Also bummed,
   John >>

turns out it was head injuries. i learned about the dynamics of high-speed
collisions last night. those accidents that send cars airborn, roll them at
high velocity and then set them afire look so much worse, but in all the
bouncing around other things than the driver are absorbing the shock.
(actually, i learned this in driver "lose those points" safety class.)

very glad he wasn't done in by the m&m car,

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