RE: "Rage to Master" from Dr. Winner

From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 11:09:18 PST

On generation-skipping:

> > o) Difficult childhoods produce strong, driven people who have a hard
> > time not producing lazy, aimless, uncontrolled children. Those children
> > barely provide for their children who then become strong and driven.
> > Hence the generation-skipping phenomenon and endless frustration of
> > successful people with their children.
> Is this well-attested? I've seen or experienced
> some examples of the other points from this post,
> but a "generation-skipping phenomenon" sounds novel.

In the more limited domain of financial success, "The Millionaire Mind" and
other books by the same authors have some demographic documentation of this;
one generation makes money and subsequent generations generally spend it
until it's all gone. I can't remember how strong the evidence is.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad also has this theme, although it's completely anecdotal
and generally not as good a book as the millionaire series.


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