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Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 13:19:41 PST

While I can understand Lisa being upset, I think cdale
is simply expressing an opinion, that being her opinion
of the best/worst way to die. Thats legal in my book.

I don't know about anyone else, but I often consider that
if I am stricken with a terminal illness, such as cancer
or HIV/AIDS, that I'd prefer to live my last days as
fully as possible. So, I've thought about maybe
stopping health care, keeping around some really strong
tranquilizers (for the day things get too bad), and
blowing all my money on something fun.
Perhaps as an alternative, sign up for a really risky
but fun job/assignment.

But thats just me..

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>--]LOL, Tom! Seriously, When I think about the idea of death
>being wrong, it
>--]seems really bizarre. Why the hell would I want to stay
>here longer than is
>--]necessary or comfortable?
>WEll thats the thing then. DO you get to say when you check out, or is
>that something you have to leave up to the great and alnighty granbd
>poobah of the unkown?
>"oh yea, live goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone" JCM
>Depends on your mental strokings. Your milage WILL vary.
>For myself, I'd love to live forever, or die trying. BUt if
>things get bad
>and im dragging those around me down..I try to think I wont be
>a selfish
>bastard and hang on for them (and me) to suffer out of some
>belife that I
>will be damned for th action or that there is a DUty to a Higher Power.
>Thats just me though, hopefully fork will be around in some
>form for me to
>muse on when im old and dying. Yall could remind me of this
>thread then:)-
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