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Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 11:53:17 PST

If you can find a copy, I recommend reading "The Moon as a
Space Alien's Skull" (might be "is a", not "as a"), by Tavis McAllister.
Best story I have ever read, bar none, about someone's experience
after their Alcor policy pays off for them.

I have a hardcopy, from a friend who was an undergrad at Hampshire
College around when the story was written. Have found that Tavis
was accepted into Clarion, but haven't found anything more. Would
love to read more of his/her writing (dunno which). "Hacking the
Feline Biocomputer and other essays" is the title of the hardcopy
I have, which includes "...Moon..." Don't even know if "Tavis
McAllister" is a pseudonym. In case it wasn't clear, this isn't
a book, it's a thin stack of edge-hole-feed computer paper acquired
in my travels in the late 80's.


Gordon Mohr wrote:
> ...
> Second month, and indefinitely thereafter, I'd hope to have
> my head frozen in a jar so I might be able to come back someday
> Futurama-style.
> - Gordon

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