autonomy vs dollars as a worklife theme

From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 18:20:18 PST

I'm coming up on 18 years (17 yrs, 11.5 mo) of work history since I left
college in March of 1983. I just went back over my resume and realized
that over those years, I've spent:

        - 5.5 years on W2 at a fixed salary
        - 11.5 years on W2 or 1099 at an hourly rate
        - 1 year plus/minus a month, Not Earning Money (approx):
                - ~3 months (1.5+.5+1) on hourly rate, chose not to bill
                - ~2 months (1+1) on hourly rate, stiffed by clients
                - ~5 months (4 (1990) + 1 (2000)) on sabbatical
                - ~3 months (not contiguous) chasing or waiting for jobs
                - (I'm not counting vacations I took while working,
                        just "blips" in the system.)

Of the past 10 years of work history, only 21 months have been spent
as a salaried employee.


I think I need to factor that in when deciding whether I should take
this latest job (employee), or see if they'll extend the contract.
I've been saying for years that I just prefer consulting, but I hadn't
realized how thoroughly I had voted with my feet so far.

[Career? I have a career? I thought I just had good work-avoidance
habits. :-) ]


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