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Great guitar player, but as a reporter...well lets just see..

--] Napster is dead. Long live peer-to-peer.

Strikes one and two all in one sentence. Folks, in case we need a history
leason here Napster was decalred DEAD many many months ago by the one
source I would trust to decalre such things...Me. If I say its dead, its
dead, and as soon as Fanning put on the mental Armani it was 1 2 3 out. So
I called it ,s o it was, the body twitching is simply an artifact of

--] the near future. That is, if anybody figures
--] out what to use it for or how to make any
--] money off it.

Ok , first part of this compound idiotism... "what to use it for" ..Come
on , please try harder than this to fill up inksapce . What to use p2p
for, well fuck, waht about ...hmm File sharing, message passing and games.
Then theres "how to make any money off it" ...well this would require a
brain so i dont expect the repoter here to figure it out on his own.

--] In the same way the Internet indelibly
--] changed how we use computers, file
--] sharing could change how we work and
--] play.

No shit, Really? I cant wait to this guy learns about the great new medium
for intercommunications techology called the telephone "With this device
our lives will change blah blah blah"
--] True P2P is when two people have P2P
--] software and share files over the Web

Yes, the web.

COme on this is getting like a bad football commentary.

"well they have to either put the ball in the air or move it down the
field and then they have to score, its a warriors game or skill and s
muscle where there will bea winner and a looser"

--] Napster gives anyone with access to the
--] Internet the ability to download songs for
--] free.

Ftp, mp3 search engines, hello prior art calling.

--] And file sharing is the essence of P2P.

"the interesting thing about the game of baseball is that there are
winners and looser, the team that gets across home plate the most wins,
but without a home plate, there is no baseball"

--] But remember: P2P is only as successful as the number of people using
--] it.

P2P=People 2 People so whats it all about PEOPLE therefore ...brillaint
statement of the morning, "P2P is only as successful as the number of
people using it"

--] "We're going to be able to use the computer like they do in the
--] movies," Kan said. "They're user-friendly, and they communicate over
--] time and space."

Ok i could go on but i have a bagle that needs eating and frankly this
sort of rehash of a rehash of a rehash is probably the thoughtsapce
waisting dreck that will never go away but only cuff up the works in ever
increasing volume.

"all your buzzwords are belong to us"

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