Re: autonomy vs dollars as a worklife theme

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 08:53:40 PST

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Strata Rose Chalup wrote:

--]My big kick in the workplace is building something and
--]turning the key on it, knowing it will run smoothly to its limits.
--]I don't enjoy running it afterwards, I don't enjoy marketing it
--]or leveraging it, I don't get into the "blah blah Ginger blah power
--]blah shape industry blah Ginger" thing. I just really like
--]building stuff-- most specifically, designing/architecting a
--]product or service, then building a team to implement it.

Amen. My work is finaly realizing this, though my current project is a
slip backwards (docuemtning an old legacy fiasco of a system that im
actualy rewrtting (with zope and some other fun stuff) as I doc it . Boy
will they be surprised when I have them over for a "hey look waht i just
whipped up" seasion.

I love building systems, methods and even the things that make it chug.
The OTree system was a fun little side venture to see just how far i could
take something like a gurilla file sharing system that uses snail mail as
a basis. AS with the best projects though I built into it a self maintaing
mechanism cause once the systems running its my contention it should stay
running with minimum fixage. Thus the 5 admin i hand picked how are
supporting the 150+ memebers of the OTree system now need me to come in
once in a while and only for top level stuff "we need a new brnach"
"we got an overflow of new memebers" "what packages should we offer next"
that sort of thing.

Making a system that runs on its own juice is the real crux of Making it.

Why? cause I got better things to do with my time:)- LIke listening to the
thousands of hours of old time radio shows we move around, or building a
new system for something like the resurgence of the Little Blue Book meme.

--]Get me doing all blue-sky work without real design, or puttering
--]around without a clear "this is what we want, make it happen" mission,
--]and I go nuts.

I tend to drift from the doing of the work and wind up building a
completely differnt thing then spend time making it be relevant to the
job:)- Or else it gets used for my own projects.

I mean lets face it.. God was a contractor. He crams the making of the
world into 7 days and then sits back and lets it run for millionso fo
years occasionly tweeking with it ...(the 69 mets, mini skirts, and ghost
writting for James Burke)

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