Divorce: shared custody should be mandatory

From: Stephen D. Williams (sdw@lig.net)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 10:58:21 PST

In Colorado here they invited Dr. (of physiology...) Laura Schlesinger
to speak to the state legislature about a proposed law that would
require a year of counseling before being allowed to get divorced. Dr.
Laura apparently endorses this no matter how unhappy the parents.

I think a much better solution that is far more workable and desirable
is to require divorced parents to participate in shared custody. The
benefits to this should be obvious, especially to non-custodial parents
(i.e. fathers) and children. Only deviated from for abuse or neglect.
The current situation encourages fathers to give up when their estranged
has all the power, control, and few checks on emotional topics like
spending support.

Divorced parents who hate each other are the ones who need counseling.

Making a couple stay together when they would rather not is the wrong
solution. Unhappy environments are unhealthy for everyone and could
lead to more drastic problems. On the other hand, maybe it would
legitimize mistress/masters(?) relationships in our puritanical land
which seems to work to some extent in some countries.

What do you think?


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