Re: Black Ice

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 15:17:54 PST

Oh wait, the real definition:

Cracking software worm that allows a virtual cracker to get the data
payload from a corporate virtual site protected by white ice.... Much
more effective when military grade. ;-)


Bill Humphries wrote:
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> From: "Chuck Murcko" <>
> >And BTW, WTF is "black ice"? This term seems to have become popular last
> decade and I haven't noticed a new phase of water or >anything, just the
> same stuff that's always been frozen on the roads. Or is it some kind of
> doofus mental aid?
> "Black Ice" is that patchy stuff you don't see until you're slipping on it.
> The first I heard it used was in XTC's "5 Senses Working Overtime" in a line
> about buses skidding on black ice.
> -- whump "And all the world is football-shaped, it's there for me to kick in
> space"

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