RE: Divorce: shared custody should be mandatory

From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 17:35:45 PST

> what should be mandatory: pre-divorce family counseling for a
> year. post
> divorce "exit interviews" with the children, performed by licensed family
> therepists, to be held a few times a year for a few years. (the
> logistics of
> this seem impossible, and may well be.)

Tell you what, I'll agree with this as soon as anybody can show evidence
that therapy *works*. The strange thing is that all forms of therapy seem
to work equally well, when looking at social science's admittedly poor data
on this subject. Does that mean they're all equally bullshit? Seems to be
the only possible explanation, since the different forms of therapy are
actually vastly different. E.g. the range of therapist involvement can
range from saying "Uh-hm" every 15 minutes to actually being demanding and

I won't even require anybody to prove that *mandatory* therapy works, which
would seem to be even more difficult.

Anybody besides me a big fan of Dr. Melfi on the sopranos ?? :)


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