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Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 20:02:28 PST

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Matt Jensen wrote:

**lots of stuff, but ill cut to the chase

--]+ Eminem's album is full of hatred.
--]+ Yet it's 'cartoonish', and he seems to ahte everyone.
--]+ Yet it can 'terrify you with its implications'.
--]+ Yet he took the step of asking Elton.
--]This is sooooo reminiscent of Andrew 'Dice' Clay. Maybe he's serious,
--]maybe he's just performing as a character.

Sounds like you get about 90% of your infromation thrid hand and thru the
mass media.

--]I think it's an interesting comparison in several ways:
--]+ Have the demographics and standards of the Grammys changed in
--] the last decade?
--]+ Have the broadcast network standards changed?
--]+ There appears to be some overlap in Eminem's and Clay's audiences.
--]+ Do they use the same "I'm a performer" defense, yet also believe some
--] of what they're posturing?
--]+ Are they both 'artists'?

Oh the world has fallen into such a state of barbarism and uncuthness,
simply deplorable how all the young ones let themselves be drawn to the
filth of that new trash.

Second verse same as the first

Life was so much simpler when bands were named wholesome things like
Steely Dan (go find the Burroughs reffernce) and talented folks like Jimi
Hendrix sang learned songs of peace (Hey Joe) and all the world knew
right from wrong.

Third verese same as the ...oh fuck it.

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