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> I disagree. Although they should choose to have counseling, if they
> decide it's not going to work, they're probably right. The point is
> that the presumption is that they will make it work for the children. >>
> man, i don't even know you and i'm ready to divorce your sorry ass! :-)

LOL, that's funny.

> WHAT I MEANT was not counseling to fix the marriage, but counseling for
> damage control during the divorce.

That's not what Colorado's law is intending which was the cause for this
thread in the first place. Sounded like you were agreeing with 'Dr.'
> (personally, i think there is a much bigger issue to this thread: self
> gratification vs family survival. but i'm on the right coast and it's my
> bedtime.)

Family survival in what sense? Literal progeny or the traditional
family unit?

I think it's an issue of parental responsibility which is a
characteristic of making a useful difference, self-worth, and successful
procreation in the greater sense. Self-gratification is also
ambiguous. In my case it means furthering my goals of being a
worthwhile person rather than shallow hedonistic satisfaction of hurting
your former spouse.

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