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Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 23:33:59 PST

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> writes:
> GLAD, in the end, is just another Right TO Censor group. They all belong
> locked in a room with thier own worse nightmares, a free and open society. >>

(See my last post on what is and isn't censorship.)

> i'm with you. eminem is misinterpreted. he's not glorifying (insert evil
> here) and he's not deploring (insert evil here). he's just exposing (insert
> evil here). like he said last night: "i want to thank the judges for seeing
> beyond the controvery, for seeing my music for what it is. and what it's
> not."

This is an old argument on both sides of course, but I take the other
side. I think he's glorifying misogyny and homophobia and a range of sick
behaviors, and falling back on the "I'm just the messenger" defense. It
seems to be very convenient for him, and people seem to accept it. I
don't accept it, because a true messenger doesn't talk in the first person
all the time, telling you how great they are, and leaving it solely to the
critics to show you the implications of the message. Eminem seems to be
someone who wants to do whatever he wants, but is too scared to hold
himself accountable for it. He's adolescent.

> i'll tell you what i find misogynistic: a movie like "pretty woman."

Agreed. For a good chuckle, see

> what i think is a shameful parody of the gay life: robin williams/nathan
> lane's " bird cage." the faggot i saw it with walked out on it, in disgust.

I think most Robin Williams movies are a shameful parody of cinema. As in:

ROBIN: "Ooh, let me put this stapler on my head, now I'm a shark!"

THE MAN: "Corporal/Doctor/Teacher, you'd better have a damned good
          explanation for this!"

ROBIN: [Serious, quiet] "It's for the kids. Maybe they would get
         better a little faster if you weren't such a... putz!"

-Matt Jensen

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