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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 11:29:21 PST

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Tom WSMF wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Matt Jensen wrote:
> --]How do my comments and questions restrict artists? They are free to find
> --]a record label who wants to publish them. We're 'forced' to allow them to
> --]be published, but we're not forced to buy their CDs or let our kids buy
> --]their CDs.
> Were FORCED to allow them...freedom of expression is a foreced issue with
> you? This is telling. Makes the other posts almost menaingfull.

I was quoting Lisa. That's why I put in these 'things' I call 'quote
characters'. They in fact 'suggest' that perhaps I don't 'agree' with her
phrasing. You moron.

> I think its telling that this whole deabte is so hotly debated now, MONTHS
> after the album of note was released. Where were teh "debates of learned

Myself, I had Eminem discussions months ago, but not on FoRK. The Grammys
are a national conversation starter, so I joined in on it on FoRK. Where's
the problem?

> So long as the opinion of one family does nto force the other to listen or
> not be able to listen to whatever material they so choose, whats the
> problem? there is none.

Great. I've never said to pull Eminem from the stores.

> This is the same debate as filters edicts placed on public libraries by
> the Gov, this is about one section of people being able to constrict or
> contain anothers ability to get access to bits (information, music, books,
> etc)

This is my issue with you, Lisa, and others on this. You talk in
absolutes about a concept ('censorship') that you define very broadly.
That leads to shallow thinking, IMHO.

ALL of the following are different situations, that involve different
laws, different actors, different rights, different motivations, and
different ethical rules of thumb:

+ gov't stops eminem record sales
+ gov't requires warning label on eminem records
+ schools add 'eminem' to school filter software
+ feds pressure schools to add 'eminem' to school filter software
+ record label stops promoting eminem
+ record label promotes eminem, but disavows his 'message'
+ record label stops selling eminem
+ record label asks/requires eminem to change next album
+ record label puts warning label on eminem records
+ record industry puts warning label on eminem records
+ WalMart puts warning label on eminem records
+ WalMart stops selling eminem records
+ small independent music store stops selling eminem records
+ Recording Academy won't nominate eminem, based on 'good taste'
+ Recording Academy won't invite nominated eminem to perform on CBS.
+ Elton won't agree to perform with eminem.
+ CBS won't allow eminem to perform.
+ CBS won't allow eminem to perform without lyric changes, like The Doors.
+ Pat Robertson urges parents to boycott eminem sales, concerts.
+ a parent tells her kid he can't buy eminem records, or listen to them.
+ a parent tells her kid he can't buy eminem, but can listen to it.
+ a parent tells her kid he can listen to eminem together with the parent.
+ a parent writes CBS/Recording Academy to complain about eminem.
+ consumers offended by eminem start a boycott of the record label.
+ consumers offended by eminem start a boycott of CBS.

Now then Tom, please tell me what you think I'm arguing for!

I'll make it easy:

1. I wouldn't allow my young kids to buy Eminem records.
   Older teenagers, okay. But we'd discuss the content.

2. My opinion is the Recording Academy should not have
   nominated Eminem, on the grounds of good taste.

Don't you think I have the rights to 1. and 2.?

-Matt Jensen

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