RE: The Stranger, on Eminem & Elton

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 12:16:44 PST

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]I was quoting Lisa. That's why I put in these 'things' I call 'quote
--]characters'. They in fact 'suggest' that perhaps I don't 'agree' with her
--]phrasing. You moron.

Cool, your down to name calling:)- IM glad to see wher you set your levels
for good taste in converstaions.

--]This is my issue with you, Lisa, and others on this. You talk in
--]absolutes about a concept ('censorship') that you define very broadly.
--]That leads to shallow thinking, IMHO.

And here we go again. The "your just to dumb to see my point of view"
argument. Yes, Im sure you are a legend in your own mind, and it does suck
that the rest of the world wont adhere to that view.

--]1. I wouldn't allow my young kids to buy Eminem records.
--] Older teenagers, okay. But we'd discuss the content.
That would mean you would have to be open enough to listen to and
understnd the content. It doesnt sound like your up for that. Too bad,
cause your kids will go and listen to it regardless if thats what they
want, only you wont be in the mix.

If your serious about this point then please be open enough to work out
your feelings on the content by listening to it and having something more
to offer your kids than "i dont think this weird behavior is in good
taste" cause man they are just goona phase you out.

--]2. My opinion is the Recording Academy should not have
--] nominated Eminem, on the grounds of good taste.
--]Don't you think I have the rights to 1. and 2.?

I think you got the right to think whatever it is you want to think. Just
dont expect anyone else to buy into it or pretend its a debatle point.

In 1918 Kaiser Karl had every right to try and pull off the Piave
offensive, but the opposing forces didnt have to sit there act all
surprised and roll over. He had the right to go for it and as a result his
Empire went out of existence.

The thing is my own personal way of thinking extends to you that right,
yours seeks to take away that right UNLESS others think as you.

Big diffrence, one I think a smart fella like you would understand without
a moron like me explaining it to you.

"oh shit, did he just say..."

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