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Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 12:29:52 PST

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--]increments. The very antithesis of Comp. Sci. These people should stop smoking
--]crack, and come out of their ivory towers, to solve real world problems.

Eugene, you rock me silly.

Ok heres a short view on the topic form some one who not got thier nose
stuck up the buttts of either side professionaly.

Decentralised solutions work IF you keep the groupings managable. That is
, rather than one large cloud you have cllouds of clouds. This is how I
run the OTree system and it is a good example of using distribution with a
tiny bit of centralised organization.

Now were the clouds systems falls over is when you cmapre things to the
ridgedly formed and indexed systems. Yes you gain lots of speed and search
execution over a system that is predefeined and preplanned. Down side is
you are specialized to just and only what you planned for.

Its yin and yang folks, its alwasy gonna be a mix of this and a dash of
that. All of one is only going to work for localized or violently
structured situations.

My take on the thing, get off your high fucking hourses and work togther.
This stuff is about more than egos, whos right and whos wrong, its
about making things work so that we can interact with others regardless of
geogrpahical or temporal constraints.

"So get in the pit and love one another" KR

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