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I've been building Palm apps with gcc on Linux for awhile now.

and the SDK is a free download from Palm, works like Apple Developer Connection (requires registration, but no NDAs unless you want the family jewels).


On Friday, February 23, 2001, at 05:20 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> The Python press release; happy Guido; finally an open
> source device programming language. You'll recognize
> the usual suspects.
> Greg
> Endeavors Technology Leads Small Device P2P Development and Ports Python to
> the Palm Operating System
> Software will also make it easier for developers to scale to a variety of
> resource-constrained platforms including set-tops, phones, PDAs, and other
> consumer devices for wireless, in-car, gaming, and home automation
> applications.
> Irvine (CA) and Reading (England), February 23, 2001: Computer scientists at
> Endeavors Technology have successfully developed a highly optimized, open
> source port of Python to the Palm OS® platform to stimulate interest in
> creating Python-based applications for Palm™ handheld computers and other
> devices that use the Palm operating system. This complements Endeavors'
> peer-to-peer software development initiative to make "unequal" devices, such
> as PDAs, PCs, servers, information appliances, and Internet-ready phones,
> into peers so that software applications can potentially connect to billions of
> other devices through a common infrastructure.
> Recognizing one-size doesn't fit all, Endeavors will work with device
> manufacturers and software developers to extend this small footprint,
> interoperable virtual machine (VM) across a multitude of hardware beyond the
> Palm. The Pippy VM is perfectly suited to scale across a variety of
> resource-constrained platforms. Pippy will make it easier for companies to
> build, port, and market new network-interoperable application programs while
> complementing other home automation (HAVi) and open services gateway
> initiative (OSGI) standards initiatives.
> The Pippy project is a continuation of work previously released as a joint
> venture between The Aerospace Corporation and University of California,
> Irvine. Computer scientists Jeffery Collins and Michael Gorlick were principals
> on the joint venture and are now working for Endeavors Technology to bring
> the project to maturation.
> The port, named Pippy, formed by appending the Python filename suffix ".PY"
> to the acronym PIP (Python In Palm), will reduce the effort of porting Python
> applications to small device platforms. Python is a useful and expressive
> object-oriented programming language often compared to Perl or Java and is
> widely used as a flexible and convenient scripting language. One of the
> challenges in porting Java or Python to small platforms is reducing their
> footprint to proportions suitable to the platform. Porting Python to the Palm
> allows developers to use a programming language and environment that was
> previously available only on much larger platforms. The Python Virtual Machine
> and libraries can occupy as little as 191 KB of storage memory and will
> execute in less than 64 KB of heap space.
> "As a happy long-time user of Palm handhelds, I'm excited to see Python
> ported to this platform," said Guido van Rossum, author of the Python
> programming language and Director of PythonLabs at Digital Creations. "This
> port will enable new applications for the Palm platform to be developed in
> much less time and for less cost. I'm very glad that Endeavors Technology
> decided to make this an open source project." Mr. van Rossum will chair the
> 9th International Python Conference in Long Beach, CA, on March 5-8
> (
> "Endeavors Technology is a recognized leader in championing open source
> development and has recently become one of the top tier companies delivering
> open standards peer-to-peer Magi infrastructure software," comments Brian
> Morrow, president and COO of Endeavors Technology. "With the development
> of the Python port, Endeavors' software continues to bring new capabilities to
> devices like Palm handhelds in a spirit similar to our ports of Magi to Win CE
> and the Compaq iPAQ."
> Endeavors is making this port freely available to the developer community. It
> can be downloaded from the official Web site for Pippy at
>, which is hosted by Endeavors Technology.
> More On Magi
> Magi peer-to-peer technology enables organizations, groups and individuals to
> find, share and act upon information anywhere, at any time, by making the
> power of a web server available on any network-capable device. Its open
> standards application platform incorporates automated e-process agents that
> enable event-driven, multi-way communications between servers, PCs, PDAs,
> Internet-ready phones and embedded chips. The Magi suite of tools grew from
> research carried out at the University of California Irvine, partly funded by the
> Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), and integrates Web
> Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) technology. A P2P architecture
> white paper and the P2P Business Summary can be accessed at
> About Endeavors Technology
> Endeavors Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of mobile computing and
> network infrastructure vendor Tadpole Technology plc (,
> which has plants and offices in Irvine and Carlsbad (California), and
> Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bristol and Reading (UK). For further information on
> Endeavors' P2P solutions, call 949-833-2800, email to, or
> visit the company's website.
> All trademarks mentioned in this release are the property of their respective
> owners.
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