Re: VCard Security Hole under Outlook/Outlook Express

From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 09:27:13 PST

Stephen D. Williams writes:
> I never have used Outlook or Outlook Express and am amazed that anyone does
> with all of the security problems and instability it has.

Well, when I worked at Microsoft I tended to run all Microsoft
software, because, well, it was all free and it was what I used at
work (obviously). But I don't know what anyone else's excuse is. :-)

> MS clean (on my main laptop/workstation and all servers anyway, not counting
> VMWare/Win98 for testing) for 3 years!

I'm getting there. I finally converted all my mail to emacs/vm, which
was probably the biggest hurdle, given how many GB of outlook .pst
files I have. I hope sometime in the next month to convert my laptop
(where I do everything) (a Dell Inspiron 7500) to FreeBSD. (BSD 4.2
was my first Unix, and CMU used BSD/Mach, so it's what I'm used to.)

> She had had so many lost harddrives, locked up Windows computers,
> etc. that I couldn't stand hearing about it anymore.

Oddly, Windows (9x, NT, 2K, XP) has always been incredibly reliable
for me. In fact I'm currently running Whistler (XP) beta 1 and I
haven't had a single problem with it. Beta 1!

I'm not quite ready to switch Juliet over to Unix yet, but I am going
to switch her from Outlook (with security patch) to something else,
maybe Eudora? How secure is Eudora?

- Joe

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