Mail lives forever (Re: Bill Joy kicks around XML for fun :-)

From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 15:11:36 PST

Rohit Khare writes:
> BJ doesn't get it. Data lives forever. Programs are only mortal.

Okay, may I do a little poll, and ask everyone in what format they
keep their megabytes (or gigabytes) of mail?

I'm just now going through the very painful process of converting all
my outlook mail into open (non-microsoft) format. Right now I'm
converting to Berkeley "^From " format -- it's kind of a poor format,
requiring the >'ing of any other "^From "s in messages. The only other
alternative I would currently consider is mh format, with a file for
each message. I used to use (and like) mh at CMU, and I have managed
to get nmh to build for NT/cygwin, but I'm currently attached to
emacs/vm and it doesn't understand mh format and I'm not sure I would
like emacs/mh as well.

Okay, too many details. But mail is pretty important and I'm
interested in how others deal with their mail immortality issues.

- Joe

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