Re: Mail lives forever (Re: Bill Joy kicks around XML for fun :-)

From: Justin Mason (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 04:48:42 PST

"Stephen D. Williams" said:

> Gigabytes (about 2), in mbox.

158 megs of active mail in MH format, and about 20megs compressed in a few

> There is an enhanced mbox that uses the content-length header to avoid
> the "^From " quoting. Another spinoff of mbox (from SCO I believe) uses
> '^A^A^A^A' between each message.

That's MMDF format. Thankfully now pretty much obsolete ;)

> I access email through Imap so that the browser caches and indexes are
> throw away, and so I can walk up to any of my 12 computers in the house
> and access the same email in the same way. I believe that Netscape uses
> berkeley db indexes/email files, but no need to worry about that.

I've been meaning to set up imap, but so far the clients (as far as I can
see) are lacking; there's just Netscape mail (urgh) or LookOut (which
would mean installing Windows, no thanks). Once Evolution gets there I
might try it out and set up imap though.

My fingers are too hardwired for ExMH at this stage ;) It'll take a very
good mail client for me to switch now.

> MH format is rediculous unless you are using ReiserFS where small files
> are so efficient it's not a problem at all.

Mmm, seems OK when you use e.g. ExMH to cache the scan listings... I just
can't see the efficiency of the mbox format compared to MH.

Anyway, before we get into an mbox-vs-MH-format war ;) at least it's not
stored in some horrific database without any tools to get it back out
again, unlike a certain .pst format ;)


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