palms & pundits [Re: Embedded Python VM]

From: Dave Long (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 09:41:30 PST

> Yep, the arguemnt that wins em over is "well if we are already using
> windows for the desktops shoudlnt we stick to it on the littler critters?"

"Well, if we are already using suburbans for
field work, shouldn't we make people commute
to work in 'em?"

Oh, never mind...


(remembering the days of Bruntons and beer)

:: :: :: ::

> "well they have to either put the ball in the air or move it down the
> field and then they have to score, its a warriors game or skill and s
> muscle where there will bea winner and a looser"

Anyone care to write (M-X financial-news)? It takes
as input the actual market movement for the day, and
spits out the usual color commentary drivel. Would
(M-X tech-news) be more difficult? How?

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