Re: Embedded Python VM

From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 09:31:51 PST

Hey Justin,
  AVFS? Now this is cool. On some of the newer Windows
systems they have the ability to click on an archived
file and it opens it up into a new window just like
windows explorer. We have Web Folders built into our
new Magi Express 2.0 client, so adding them together
imagine being able to remotely browse the contents of
a (g)zipped or tar file.

DAV on the Palm is very similar to DAV on WinCE for the
ipaq. You can drag and drop files and records to the
Palm. One of the things is that we're providing a DAV
interface to the 4 default Palm DBs so that you can programmatically
query, search, and change the data.

The way they have it set up now is that you can either use
a modem or the cradle. There is a link to an ECE 298 class at UCI
that discusses their project, but our embedded people have gone
way beyond it.

Justin Mason wrote:
> 2.0 release.
> cool!
> BTW I've been hacking on AVFS ( ) to
> provide DAV support, so I'm looking forward to cd'ing to /dav/http:mypalm/
> some time soon.
> Just one question though -- what will DAV on the Palm provide? ;) And does
> it require a Palm modem, or can it work through the cradle over PPP?
> --j.

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