From: Daniel Krech (eikeon@eikeon.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 16:05:10 PST

Hi, after lurking on FoRK for a week now I would like to introduce myself...

I currently work at Bowstreet[1] as a disciple of the Software Saviour[2]
and fellow FoRKer, James Tauber. In as much spare time as I can find, I am
also working on Redfoot[3]. In the past I had a chance to draw pretty
pictures at The Geometry Center[4].

Dan Krech (not to be confused with Dan Krech[5])

[1] http://www.bowstreet.com/
[2] http://www.nwfusion.com/power2000/power-50/power-50.html
[3] http://redfoot.sourceforge.net/
[5] http://www.dkp.com/People/?do=show&which=dan

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