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got this from network news. i think ================================ Today's focus: Turbolinux snaps up Linuxcare

By Phil Hochmuth

Turbolinux last week reached an agreement to acquire the enterprise support firm Linuxcare. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition will enable Turbolinux to add a services component to its product line: Turbolinux makes its own Linux distribution and Linux clustering products, and Linuxcare provides support, education and integration services for enterprise Linux users.

With the acquired company Turbolinux will create a services group called Linuxcare Services. Current Linuxcare customers should not experience a change in their services, spokesmen for the two companies say. Turbolinux's new Linuxcare Services will continue to provide services and support for Linux users, regardless of what distribution they use.

Linuxcare came on the scene in 1998, just as Linux started to become a buzzword among analysts in the enterprise network operating system market and Wall Street. Before Linuxcare and other companies began offering Linux support and services, Linux critics used the argument that Linux's demise would be a result of its lack of professional-level support. Linuxcare helped to push Linux use in enterprises. Its support and services customers include Adaptec, Amdahl, Inktomi, KPMG, Macmillan USA and Sun.

However, the company has been through some turmoil over the last year. In April of 2000, Linuxcare scrapped its IPO plans and fired its CEO on the same day.

As a result of the merger announcement, Turbolinux has decided to withdraw its own plans for an IPO, which it filed in October of 2000. Considering how unfriendly the stock market has been to Linux companies in general - VA Linux and Red Hat are trading at around five bucks a share - it's probably not a bad idea.

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