Re: one projection about the open source market

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 16:58:59 PST

Wayne E Baisley wrote:
> > Compaq's C compiler compiles fast
> > It beats gcc on most things and by quite a margin on some.
> That was my experience with Digital's cc, running a certain FoRK's ECDL
> code. ;-)
> > The Dec Unix server I installed as the firewall at BofA circa 1994
> > used to sleep for a couple seconds occasionally for no reason.
> VAX or Alpha AXP? It was certainly way before Tru64, in any case.
> Before Digital Unix, even. It was in fact the days of OSF/1. And, yes,

No, it was Dec Unix, or at least they called it 'Dec Unix', on a Mips
chip (I believe that was the processor, it was definitely risc).
Definitely not VAX. I did VAX/MicroVax II stuff in 84/85 and avoided it
thereafter. (Anybody else know how to do a Vampire tap on
thick-ethernet? I also hacked a bunch of DMA I/O boards for M.Vax II's
for GE.)

> DEC did have occasional sleep problems. Crashes, too. But then, so did
> SGI, more recently. Like with the 64-processor RS10000. But, so what?
> Top of the line PCs were 75 MHz Pentiums in those good old days.
> Bleeding edge, and all that.
> Cheers,
> Wayne
> I can just barely hear you. TMBG


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