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Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 17:15:00 PST

Thanks for pointing this out!

I forget how efficient GIF can be... I should have seen this a year
ago. It's an obvious solution but this is so minimalist and efficient
that it seems pretty attractive.

I believe that VNC was earlier, but that's Java based in the browser.

A lot of the early (and/or pay) 'web video' sites of course used very
interactive video that was just push GIF's, and they usually have chat,
not sure if any used graphical chat.


Kragen Sitaker wrote:
> One of the cooler hacks I've seen on the Web (although not quite as
> cool as URLs, HTML, HTTP, and KnowNow's stuff), and it doesn't seem to
> be in FoRK-archive yet.
> libdynim demo
> libdynim was coded in the night and wee hours of Sat 25 Sep 1999. This
> is a demonstration of how text can be typeset and pushed to a web
> browser in real time. I think it's the first interactive image
> generation on the Web. I'm rather fond of the font; i spent several
> hours pixel-editing it and antialiasing it by hand (somehow that can be
> perversely addictive).
> Real-time conferencing, plain and simple. No downloading. No firewall
> or proxy problems. No Java. No requirement for Javascript. No
> constantly reloading frames. No dynamic HTML. Yes, it is possible: you
> saw it here first.
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