Re: Bill Joy kicks around XML for fun :-)

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 09:58:41 PST

Rohit Khare wrote:
> :-)
> Sorry I don't have more bits to add. It's just funny!
> Rohit
> At 9:32 AM -0800 2/26/01, Mike Dierken wrote:
> > > Joy: [...] You still have
> >> to have a type system to plug the things together and essentially,
> >> dynamic linking, and you don't find that in XML just by itself.
> >
> >'XML just by itself' - what weasel words.
> >Somebody should send Eliot & the Grove hordes (both of them) to put
> >the smacketh down on the Joymaster...
> >
> >mike

What a poor way to approach this. XML and Java are orthogonal by most
measures. Sun fighting XML is like MS fighting Java.

What he should be doing is identifying certain applications where it
makes sense to embed Java in standard ways to enrich XML. Business
rules for instance, or true validation constraints (not the feeble
attempt in DTD's). (2.5 years ago I architected an XML/rule engine
based system with OO object/rule inheritance and transactional rule
engine processing for web servers. We bought instead to get the project
done quickly, but the COTS was a poor fit.)

You just know that MS will have VB scripting in XML files any time now,
if it's not there already.


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