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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 11:23:13 PST

Lucas Gonze wrote:
> > Ethernet vs. Token Ring
> > SMTP vs. CCMail, MCI Mail, et al
> > SMTP vs. X.400/X.500
> > TCP/IP vs. ISO OSI
> > HTML vs. 'rich text' (in many forms)
> > PCI/ISA vs. MicroChannel
> > SNMP vs. ???
> > Jabber vs. AOL AIM ;-)
> WWW vs. MS Blackbird, ca. 1996
> Man, that was a stinker. I still have a copy on CD-ROM given me by a rep at the MS
> booth where they were showcasing it as _better than the web_. I asked the rep about
> HTML compatibility and he explained gently that HTML was not nearly as good as their
> proprietary format.

Forgot about that! Yech.
> Justice may be blind but it isn't dumb.
> - Lucas

Java applets vs. Active-X
Linux/*BSD vs. OSF/Unixware/SCO (with only Solaris barely hanging on)
ASCII->Unicode vs. EBCDIC
TCP/IP vs. IBM LU6.2 et al
Ethernet vs. ATM
Cisco vs. IBM
IETF/W3 vs. everybody
MP3 vs. RealAudio/et al
Shoutcast/Icecast vs. RealAudio et al (I can't tell the difference (for
audio of course))
SCSI vs. misc.
VHS vs. Beta (almost an open-source like win with easy OEM of VHS vs.
Sony-only Beta)
Postscript vs. PCL (This one is tangled by stupid Adobe, Ghostscript,
HP, MS.)
StarOffice vs. MSOffice (Pending)
Samba vs. NT et al
VMWare vs. MS et al
PNG vs. GIF (But they were mistaken to defer animation to MNG.)

Just as we've developed a commercialism thick skin, we're developing a
healthy monopolist recognition and avoidance. We know we're going to be
buying those damn razors the rest of our lives and will only go along
with it when the company has totally good vibes. It has to always fall
below the 'Now we're getting screwed' level.

I am sickened by the shallow, thoughtless callers on C-Span defending
anything that MS does as if they could do no wrong. The big bad
government is beating up on the poor little businessman next door. They
have no clue of the principles involved, let alone have a legitimately
sophisticated opinion on the actual merits. MS may not have gone far
enough over the line to be totally guilty, but there is a line and we
need it to stay healthy. (I would vote they did.)


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