Music: Amon Tobin's supermodified, and other recorded pork.

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Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 14:00:21 PST

Must-have music:

This is very hard to describe. Tobin's toolbox is that of the DJ/re-fried
dance producer, but what he builds is more along the lines of jazz or prog.
You should give a listen to the clips at least. I have his Bricolage, as
well, but it is obviously earlier and less sophisticated. I've not heard the
one that falls between those two.

The UK home of this Cuisinart style is Pork Recordings:
Shock, horror, I see that Amon Tobin hath evaporated from their pages.
Must have cut a deal with a bigger label.

"It just goes to show that PR does make a difference. Since 1991, Pork
Recordings have been putting out amazing records unlike anyone else - a kind
of chilled out sound somewhere between dub, techno and what used to be called
Acid Jazz. Then last year Air came from out of nowhere (well, France) with a
record that could easily have been on Pork. But they were on Virgin, so they
had a big hype machine, posters everywhere, articles in every magazine, and
they ended up in the charts. Meanwhile, Pork refuse to be photographed, don't
do many interviews and live in Hull. Their latest collection is great - you
couldn't ask for anything better to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. If you
liked the Air album, track this one down and do your bit for the downfall of
capitalism." TW Ministry - June 1998

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