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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 20:49:07 PST

> Mike Dierken wrote:
> > XML vs. SGML
> I don't see SGML as falling in the same proprietary bludgeon category
> as the other technologies listed.

I included it because the SGML era tools were very expensive, exclusive,
and effectively proprietary shell required to make 'commercial' use of
an open standard. The same thing happened with X.400 which is why it
died. (Since the government required X.400 (prematurely) (and also
SGML; I worked on the CALS project at GE), X.400 was a high dollar
unfinished product. Once it was high dollar, it couldn't be widely used
or it would have canibalized it's market. It never fully developed and
the free alternative (SMTP/Sendmail/et al) blew it away (Luckily!).)

> How about:
> distcomp: CORBA -> HTTP -> XP(SOAP)

My take:
SunRPC->DCE->CORBA->DCOM(repackaged, proprietary

> markup: SGML -> HTML -> XML

Different axis, but similar.


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