RE: Odd to hear an earthquake....

From: Meltsner, Kenneth (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 11:50:46 PST

Although not as cool as seeing a meteorite streak above me and my kids (early evening) and then splash into Lake Michigan about 5-10 miles away. Looked like one of those wormy fireworks (green). Didn't know what the hell it was until I saw the news that night.


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6.2, epicenter south of Seattle. 30 miles deep, so aftershocks unlikely.
Pretty neat on my floor. Yeeeehah!

-Matt Jensen

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

> I just was on a conference call about 10 minutes ago with several
> folks in Kirkland WA (near Seattle). We had to "call" the telecon on
> account of earthquake -- it must have lasted at least 15 seconds, with
> a couple of aftershocks. Really, really weird to be talking with them
> during this. Lots of "Get under the desk" and "Whoa!" comments.
> They guessed around 6, but that assumes that Kirkland was near the
> epicenter.
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