Re: FoRK This Action!! (P2P's Dark Side)

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 15:35:52 PST

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Jeff Bone wrote:

> This all seems very fair to me. ...

The basic idea is fair[1]. But the very stealthy way they slipped in a
new service agreement, which is completely lopsided and absolves Juno of
all liabilities, and isn't even brought to the user's attention, that is
not fair (read the article again).

-Matt Jensen


[1] Although it's only a bargain if you're online most of the time. If
you're only online 10-20 hours a week, it's cheaper to pay an ISP than to
pay the electric bill for running a computer for a month.

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