Utopian Island

From: Jay Thomas (jay@thomas.vg)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 06:29:38 PST

Looks like someone beat you to the idea, but he plans to set himself and his wife as Prince/Princess


One Man's Utopia Is Sometimes an Enforcement Official's Fraud
By MARK FINEMAN, Times Staff Writer

     GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands--Lazarus Long calls it the Principality of New Utopia, a tax-free, trouble-free, enlightened and libertarian land that will rise out of the Caribbean on concrete pilings about 115 miles west of here.
     New Utopia, the Oklahoma resident pledges on his Web site and in interviews, will be "a safe haven from runaway bureaucracy," a city-state of canals that will outdo Venice in beauty, Hong Kong in wealth and the Caymans in bank secrecy and tax freedom.
     Two years ago, he announced on the Internet a $350-million bond offering to finance this brave new world that he and his wife will rule as prince and princess.
     Long, a 68-year-old self-professed "millionaire several times over," acknowledges that some people think he's nuts and call New Utopia a pipe dream

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