Seattle Wireless

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 11:29:38 PST

Anyone in on this? Got a bud in seattle whos trying to talk some of us
into doing a portland version of it.

Seattle Wireless Seattle Wireless is a not-for-profit project to develop a
community wireless network in Seattle and end recurrent telco fees. We are
using widely-available, license-free technology to create a free,
locally-owned wireless backbone. This is a MetropolitanAreaNetwork (not
just a "wireless LAN" in your home or business) and a community-owned,
distributed system (not yet another service provider to whom you owe a
monthly bill). Get Involved! If you are interested in working with us to
make a community wireless network a reality, please join us (not them)!
Come to our meetings, add yourself to our GuestBook, sign up to our
MailingLists, and add yourself to our Node Map. Technology
We are currently planning to use the recently-developed IEEE 802.11b
standard for direct-sequence spread spectrum wireless data in the 2.4GHz
band, operating license-free under the FCC's Part 15 regulations
(FccRegulations). We use AppleAirport, LucentWirelessCard, CiscoAironet
and other radio products that support 802.11b. We will be using
roof-mounted antennas, directional links, and bridging or routing systems
to create a distributed WideAreaNetwork with metropolitan coverage. We
will need to develop WirelessNetworkingSoftware to make this happen.

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