Re: Web shell? (I'm not asking for much...)

From: Derek Robinson (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 04:51:44 PST

> Anybody seen anything like that? Applet, GIF-based thingie,
> whatever? Something I could huck up onto a Web server then go to
> town? Surely this exists, surely somebody wrote something like this
> way back in the dark ages of the Web.

Since nobody else has posted this yet --

Lists several available implementations of SSH for different platforms
incl. a Java applet called "MindTerm" (free software under GNU GPL):

There appear to be a number of websites offering access to the MindTerm
shell applet -- runs in yr. browser on most platforms (though not Netscape
on Macs, and not with any Netscape < 4.06).

A Google search on "java secure shell" also turned up this --

-- maybe another MindTerm, maybe not.

Hope this helps!

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