Re: from stock tickers to radios to mirrors

From: Dave Long (
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 13:33:56 PST

> The problem with this idea as a business is that small production runs make
> for hideous costs, and the materials cost would be significant. Wood and
> brass cost more than plastic, and have to be assembled rather than molded.

Those are features, not bugs. VTI could
produce solely limited editions (signed
and numbered), rather than mass runs, so
pricing suitably might provide a decent
profit margin. Sell 'em as art pieces,
not as mere utilitarian objects.

Come to think of it, from an accounting
view, music is already essentially free:
a CD and player already are cheaper (or
at least on the same order as) good tix
for a single concert. Spending as much
for componentry as for fine furniture on
which it sits sounds not unreasonable.


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