Re: Seattle Wireless

From: Chuck Murcko (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 18:52:12 PST

I wish them luck.

A few friends and I here have thought from time to time on this kind of idea,
but at 5.7 GHz or higher (no Microwave Oven factor) and higher power margins
than LAN cards give you. But we're way more spread out here, over at least
60 mi. of Boston-Washington corridor.

Seattle could work with a node every couple of hundred feet. 8^) But that's
the idea, I believe. Tough factor in urban environments is all the other RF
pollution as well as the bldgs. At least Seattle has less Kilowatt Cabbies
than NYC.

The number of hops before you get out of the local net will be critical to
this effort, even if enough people sign up, because the per-node latency is
higher than for copper/fiber.


On Friday, March 2, 2001, at 02:29 PM, Tom WSMF wrote:

> Anyone in on this? Got a bud in seattle whos trying to talk some of us
> into doing a portland version of it.

Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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