Re: [XML Bastard] XML Sucks! Fork You! No! Fork Yourself!

From: John Klassa (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 16:02:39 PST

>>>>> On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, "Adam" == Adam Rifkin wrote:

  Adam> Looks like Tom forgot to take his Zoloft/Welbutrin cocktail
  Adam> today...

Perhaps I do too, though I'm not on 'em. :-)

I think Larry Wall's quip about Lisp applies equally well to XML. I'm
thinking of his comment to the effect that Lisp has all of the visual
appeal of oatmeal, with fingernail clippings mixed in. With XML, nothing
stands out. It's a big sea of open tags and close tags.

I've been reading the Apache/Jakarta docs, since we're trying to build the
next generation of our (internal) tool on JSP technology. Every flippin'
config file is XML. Web.xml looks just like build.xml looks just like
server.xml. It's driving me *nuts*!

Ask me sometime, and I'll tell you how I really feel. :-)


P.S. While Java and JSP are nice (and I really do mean that), I'm also
driven to distraction by the number of things you have to set up before
you can do *anything*. Jeeze.

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