Re: [Lust/Greed/Envy] Sun and iPlanet Unleash Ultimate SoftwareDevelopment Platform

Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 12:48:00 PST

Adam Rifkin wrote:

> Would you instead prefer the $1000 version?

Um, I know about the $1000 version. I've read the specs, I'm
not impressed. "Faster than Ultra 5" doesn't mean a thing to
me in absence of benchmarks. I've searched for benchmarks and
so far found only

Which seems to indicate that an UltraSPARC IIIe with 500 MHz
(29 MTransistors, 0.18 um process, 64 kByte L1 data and 32 kByte
L1 code, no on-die L2 but up to 8 MBytes off-die L2, connected with
a 256 bit bus. I/O bandwidth up to 9.6 GByte/s, memory bandwidth
of integrated SDRAM 2.4 GByte/s) will not do very well against a
current K7. Unless they got bitchen Ultra compilers, Blade 100 will
take some slashing.

Apart from CPU, you can buy a lot of hardware for 1 k$ these days.
Particularly, if you limit yourself to 15 GByte HDs and 128 kBytes of
core (they must be joking, right?).

> But for $2500 more, I can get the ultimate development platform with
> over $10,000 in dev software bundled with it:

You mean, you pay for your dev software?
> Tell me where you can get 64-bit workstations with decent dev tools for
> cheaper...

64 bit per se is meaningless, and cheap. Many years ago I was thinking buying
a *cheap* Multia, just for the sake of playing with 64 bit Linux and hacking
Alpha assembly. 64 bit native integers don't buy you a lot, if the infrastructure
is lacking.

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