Re: from stock tickers to radios to mirrors

From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 14:08:12 PST

Eirikur Hallgrimsson <> writes:

> I'm an inveterate designer. Strata's note about the updated vintage
> stockticker reminded me of one of the
> businesses that I conceived but do not operate: Victorian Technologies, Inc.
> VTI would be the purveyor of fine Mahogany/Brass CD players, with mechanical
> readouts, etc. There'd also be radios, I expect, with magic-eye displays of
> some kind. Basically stuff that you could have sitting on your nice
> furniture without looking like plastic junk. All constructed for the ages
> like 19th-century British scientific expedition gear.
> The problem with this idea as a business is that small production runs make
> for hideous costs, and the materials cost would be significant. Wood and
> brass cost more than plastic, and have to be assembled rather than molded.
> This idea is basically on hold until nano-santa arrives.

Tom Jennings of World Power Systems/Fidonet fame was making some
cool one-offs like this. He'd use the cases & interfaces of ancient
electronic devices, either to control something more modern, or just
to frob & watch the needles move. Can't find out what happened to
him, tho.

Also, just found this site which makes pretty wood covers for laptops,
handhelds, & phones (but keeps the keys & display & stuff).

Karl Anderson 

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