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From: Chuck Murcko (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 21:06:10 PST

I imagine you also need a geodetic or phased antenna array and some control logic before you "can select on the fly the space cone you repeat to"? Assuming you have more than one choice.

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> Chuck Murcko wrote:
> > The number of hops before you get out of the local net will be critical to
> > this effort, even if enough people sign up, because the per-node latency is
> > higher than for copper/fiber.
> This is only true for a pure software routing. With a protocol tailored
> towards geodeting routing you can select on the fly the space cone you
> repeat to. It would require a very short FIFO if one at all (header bits
> could select directions as they're consumed, of course you're forced to
> drop the packet or switch to store-and-forward from cut-through if there's
> a lock on that link already).
> Um, any MUC FoRKers around? I'd be interested in becoming a node.

Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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