RE: [Lust/Greed/Envy] Sun and iPlanet Unleash Ultimate SoftwareDevelopment Platform

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Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 20:51:44 PST

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> It looks like their new tool, Insure++, is available for Linux and does
> more, as long as you don't mind running your source through it:
> The availability of Insure++ and not Purify is the same for Linux, IBM
> RS/6000's, SCO, and Dec Alpha Dec Unix.

ParaSoft makes Insure++, PureAtria (now Rational) makes Purify. I've not
used Insure++ in recent years; I do remember throwing its manual against a
wall at one point and forcing some higher ups to buy a Purify license for a
project I was on. This was at least 4 years ago, hopefully they've caught
up or (possibly) surpassed Purify since.

I guess the meta-point I was making was that the "ultimate dev platform"
depends on who you are and what you work on; for the kinds of things Kragen
and many other people do, Linux is a great platform. For others,
Sparc/Solaris is the bees knees because of the particulars of their


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